Parent-Child Visitation in Minnesota

Parenting Time
“Parenting time,” also commonly referred to as “visitation,” refers to the time the non-custodial parent spends with a child, regardless of the labels used in the custody arrangement.Parenting time is often set according to a schedule as a result of a court order. The amount of parenting time can vary greatly from case to case based upon the individual circumstances of the parents and children. Courts in Minnesota consider the “best interests” of the minor children in determining the appropriate parenting time for each parent.Visitation issues can be very emotional and frustrating for parents and children. Many times specific schedules are not set in court orders or a custodial parent will deny or interfere with visitation. Sometimes a custodial parent has a legitimate concern about the safety and welfare of the child during visitation.It is important to consult a family law attorney to determine what options are available regarding the specific issues you may have associated with visitation.

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